Krono System srl is a young and dynamic company that manufactures components for design furniture.
The company was set up in 2006 by a well motivated team and with over thirty years' experience in Eurocomponenti Spa. It is located at Mansuè in the heart of the 'marca gioiosa' area between Treviso and Pordenone.
The company mission is to create a super glossy and eco-compatible perfect product that can be used to create unique finishes, difficult or impossible to manufacture with other solutions on the market.
By choosing the route of research, innovation and quality of services, Krono System aims its products at the medium-high target sector of the quality furnishing and design market.
The company works with prestigious and well known Italian and International brand names, for which it produces components with an acrylic surface, a coextrusion of ABS+Pmma with a special 1.4mm thickness finished in super glossy or super matt, considered eco-friendly due to the fact that it can be recycled.
The main customers are kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, interior doors and coverings producers; the state-of-the-art solutions are in line with market trends and with the demand for products that have special and unusual finishes, but at the same time cost competitive.
The entire Krono System production process takes place in-house: the latest generation of modern machinery and qualified know-how guarantee high standards of quality and service.
One example of this is the small post- forming radius that makes it possible to eliminate all the flaws in appearance typical of traditional edging.
The particular treatment that the acrylic is subjected to during the working processes, before being put into production, sets it apart from the competition by its scratchproof surface, with a 100 gloss finish and extraordinary durability offered by the effect of mirror lacquering over time.
Choosing Krono System means being able to benefit from dynamic lead times, large or small batches, a “just in time” tailor made - or better still - fully bespoke service.
Krono System is not just a manufacturer of semi-finished items for the furniture sector but rather a laboratory constantly researching new solutions, both technical and esthetic, aimed at inspiring the world of industry, furniture and design.
Krono System provides “ad hoc solutions”, taking into account and analysing the characteristics and intrinsic needs of each customer in order to identify the best solutions for satisfying the industry and the end user.